One of the most important aspects of our work along with multitasking and flexibility is reliability of data storage and uninterrupted access to our services. We use the latest fail-safe technology in order to ensure accessibility and security of data:

  • Only certified data centers
  • Reliable hardware
  • Virtualization
  • Clusterization
  • Data storage on private cloud for each client
  • Monitoring of the systems 24/7
  • Reliable reserve backup
  • Strict access rules

Our data centres 

Currently Flex Databases uses the following data centers:


We are constantly expanding the list of our data centers. Some data centers are used as part of a client specific agreement.

What requirements do Flex Databases present to data centers?

We run a Vendor Assessment procedure for each new data center. Some of our requirements:

  • data center must guarantee optimal conditions for equipment maintenance;
  • data center must ensure smooth longtime operation;
  • data center must have high bandwidth communication channels;
  • data center must have backup communication channels;
  • data center must be under 24/7 technical supervision;
  • data center must be under 24/7 protection.

Hardware and Internet Channels

We use only reliable servers, produced by Dell, HP and Supermicro. Standard specification is : 2x Intel Xeon 5504 2.0 GHz, 32Gb DDR3, 6x 1Tb SATA, Raid 1 + Raid 10, 100 Mbit/s or more Internet connection.

Virtualization, Replication and Clusterization


We are proud to be one of the first companies in the CIS region to start using Windows 2012 R2 Hyper V 3.0 and the clusterization technology, as part of our participation in the Microsoft Bizspark program.

Private Cloud data storage

Each client is provided with own private cloud hosted on Windows 2012 R2. We do not use common databases, password databases or different access links for different clients within the same site. Each site has its own access level and own backup copies, reducing the possibility of data leakage between different clients to an absolute zero.


All Flex Databases’ services are under 24/7 monitoring. We use both external services ( and in-house tools. Any potential infrastructure problems, connection problems and all the services are constantly surveyed, if the system recognizes a possible problem, the technical support team of the company immediately receives email and SMS alerts.

Data backup

We are in total charge for the security of data, that’s why we use the best experience in data storage and backup technology.

  • We use GFS (grandfather-father-son) tape rotation strategy. 
  • We do incremental backup two times per day including weekends.
  • We do FULL backup every day including weekends.
  • We keep last two weeks of data (14 tapes), one tape for the previous two weeks, one tape per each month of the year and one tape per each year all the time.
  • Each Monday we deposit encrypted backup in the Bank safe (out of data center).

Disaster Recovery (complete destruction scenario)

We have implemented and are constantly testing formal procedures of urgent data restore, running test restore procedures at least every three months and documenting the results. All company employees regularly go through the relevant trainings and seminars.

Requirements to client data access 

Access to client data is protected by the strict internal procedures of the company. Access to servers is granted only to 2 persons in the company with high confidential level (Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer). Access is restricted and full audit trail of all login data and changes is maintained. Administrative access to the servers of Flex Databases is only possible in encrypted mode and from the HQ of the company.

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