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Main purpose of this partnership is to improve scientific and methodological principles of drug safety monitoring and develop effective algorithms for analyzing pharmacotherapy risk. The result of cooperation will be the development of scientific and methodological principles for the creation of integrated decision support systems in the field of rational pharmacotherapy.


One of the main tasks of the "Strategy of drug provision for the population of the Russian Federation for the year 2025" is to ensure the safety, efficacy and quality of medicines. Nowadays, this problem is especially important because of the single market for medicinal products for medical use in the EAEU countries implementation, as well as start of using the results of medicines interchangeability in Russia since 2018. One of the Strategy objectives is introduction of an electronic medicines prescribing system with possibility of their integration with decision support systems. Development of effective algorithms for the analysis of pharmacotherapy risk will facilitate scientifically based selection of rational pharmacotherapy in such systems and will contribute to the implementation of the Strategy objectives. Meanwhile it’s important to solve the problem of improving methodology for identifying and assessing safety signal of medicinal products, because of new documents regulating the circulation of medicines in the EAEU and the expected increase in the volume of information on the drugs safety. Thus, development and improvement of scientific and methodological principles of drug safety evaluation and development of effective algorithms for the pharmacotherapy risk analysis is a major scientific problem of great importance for the public health development.


Flex Databases team appreciates Government Regulator's attention and is grateful for the high evaluation of the software by the Scientific Center representatives. Scientific Center has already recommended Flex Databases module for pharmacovigilance at a number of meetings and conferences. The ability to work with the regulator on the pharmacovigilance system is of great importance for Flex Databases.


You can find out more about Flex Databases Pharmacovigilance system here or contact us for a demo.

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